Captain Chair
Small Plastic Yellow Single Seat Captain Chair
Item Captain's Chair
Toy Line Fisher-Price Original Little People
Fits Play Family House Bath/Utility Room Set (1972-1978), Play Family House Patio Set (1970-1973), Play Family Play Rooms (1972-1974), Play Family House (1969-1988), Play Family "A" Frame (1974-1976), Play Family Camper (1973-1976), Play Family Village (1973-1977)
TOT Part # FPT149
The Yellow Captain Chair is used for the patio, Play Family Village's Finest Eating Establishment, in Play Family Village.


Small yellow plastic single-seat captain chair that has a seat back that extends 3/4 of the way around the seat with a DOT mark on back. It is 1-1/4" long, 1-9/16" wide, 15/16" tall.

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